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Socially Yours has created custom invitations for over 23 years.Our unique designs have won International awards from the Greeting Card Assoc. Each custom invitation is designed with your wording and a free digital proof is provided for approval.

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First Holy Communion Gifts

by the Socially Yours Muse 19. January 2013 08:17

 First Communion Gift Ideas

Celebrating a child's First Holy Communion is a moment in personal history as well as a stepping up point in the child's religious growth in the Church. First Holy Communion gifts offer a unique way to celebrate the special event as well as create a memory the child can reflect on years after the fact. Granted, any family member can provide a greeting card with a basic monetary gift inside. But it isn't quite the same, and who remembers what they did with all those $5 and $10 gifts received as a kid? Instead, with a personalized gift, a child will always have something that is unique to him or her, reflecting on the special day.

The more traditional gifts often tend to be religion based and provide use as the child gets older. These usually include a personal Bible with the child's name imprinted on the cover, or a personalized rosary ($20 to $30). Additionally, various children's books that explain the Eucharist in a child's terms can be great gifts as well, explaining why the event is so important ($10 to $15). Finally, the first communion cross necklace is a standard many families choose to give to a child at first communion, providing a simply type of jewelry that can be worn for years afterwards ($20 to $150 depending on the metal involved).

A more personal approach can be an engraved photo frame, with an event photograph embedded in a frame with special wording about the event ($20 to $25). A number of frame choices are available from light wood to dark, with appropriate carved wording to match the desired importance of the day. For younger children toys with a religious theme also work well. Gifts that still translate to a young child's mind as a toy are often well accepted and kept for years until the child outgrows them.

By giving a personalized gift more than just a gift for a first holy communion, your present can help craft a special memory in the mind of a child that will likely last a lifetime.


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Angel Lore and History

by the Socially Yours Muse 12. November 2012 08:46

Angel Lore

Since time immemorial, human beings have held a fascination with angels. Although science cannot verify the existence of these celestial beings, countless people have shared tales of supernatural encounters with them throughout the ages. One of the most interesting aspects regarding angels is that they are featured across nearly all known religions, not just Christianity or Judaism.

The History of Angels

While none of us can truly be certain of how or why angels exist, the established belief is that angels were created by God as His divine attendants and to carry out His orders. They are also considered to be God's intermediaries between Heaven and Earth. It is said that angels possess incredible supernatural powers and flawless beauty. According to many sources, they are also able to manifest as, or even occupy, human beings.

Angel Myths

There are many myths surrounding angels. While some of them are commonly known, others are more obscure or vary from one religion to the next.

  • According to the Jewish faith, every child is born with 11,000 guardian angels.

  • Although they're typically portrayed as exclusively benevolent, certain passages of the Christian bible indicate that some angels exist purely to carry out punitive duties. These angels are known as avenging angels.

  • Universally, angels seem to fit the same description: ethereally beautiful, luminescent and wise. Often times, they are reported to possess a halo over their heads or an aura that radiates from their bodies.

  • A commonly held belief is that angels are incapable of wrong, but some texts refute this. A good example is Lucifer, who was once one of God's highest-ranking angels. Lucifer rebelled against Him and was subsequently banished from Heaven.

  • Angels seem to possess an ability to speak and understand all of the languages of man.

  • In Hinduism, angels are female nymphs whose primary role is sensual. They are said to be incapable of pregnancy, childbirth or nursing, but are still capable of having children. They are believed to provide joy and sensual delight to the divine.

  • The word 'angel' comes from the Greek word angelos, meaning 'messenger'. This fits with the notion that angels are the messengers of God.

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Angel Lore

Angel Theme Baby Shower

by the Socially Yours Muse 12. November 2012 08:33


Angel Theme Baby Shower

Angels historically serve as guardians and messengers. They are symbolic of divine awareness, love, purity, faith, courage and compassion. If you are in charge of decorating for your friend's baby shower or your godchild's baptism, consider these clever ideas for incorporating angels into the theme.

Innocent Angels on the Babe's Invitation

Angels are seen as being innocent, heavenly and pure. Babies are as close to perfect as human can be, and that makes angelic in a very special way. Start sharing the angel theme from the first moment of the party by choosing beautiful invitations featuring angels. The soft images and beautiful angels will help you set the theme for the party. Consider framing one of the exquisite invitations as a gift for the mother-to-be. It can be used at the party as an elegant centerpiece near the seat of honor.

Choose Heavenly Colors

The fluffy white of angel wings will be the dominant color for your decorations. If the gender of the baby is known, then take inspiration for accent colors from the sweet baby shower invitations you chose. If not, choose pastel green or yellow to highlight the colors. Put white helium balloons on the back of the mother's chair, and include a few groupings of balloons in empty corners to dress up the space. When you run streamers around the room, mix white with your pastel accents and twist them together. A few stars purchased from the craft store can also be used to continue the heavenly theme through the room.

Transform a Cup of Tea or Cocoa

Delight the guests and make every drink more amazing by turning a simple mug of tea or coffee into something heavenly. Make cookies shaped like angel wings. Before baking the cookies, open a slot in the edge of each wing. When they are finished cooking, sprinkle them with sugar and hang them on opposite sides of a coffee mug.

Fluffy Wings for Goodie Bags

Every good baby shower needs games, and you want to carry the theme through the games and even the prizes. When putting the gifts in bags, add a three-dimensional touch by buying little craft wings at the store. Choose wings with fluffy feathers for a soft touch that will be reminiscent of gentle angel wings looking over the precious arrival.

Angel-Themed Games

Every good baby shower has games, and you can carry the theme into the games. Look online for angel baby shower games like the Angel lyrics game. Guests can work alone or in teams, and they have ten minutes to fill in the lyrics for a song chosen ahead of time. Include an answer key at the bottom of the page, and award angel cake with fruit topping to the winner.

When it's time to throw a baby shower for a dear friend or family member, maintain a consistent angel theme from the original invitations to the final party prizes and thank you cards. The mother-to-be will love the theme, and the guests will also appreciate the unique aspect of the party.