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Save the Date Cards or Engagement Announcements?

by 28. December 2012 07:09


Friday, December 28, 2012


9:49 AM

Engagement Announcement or Save-the-Date Card?


From the day a future bride gets engaged, she wants to shout it from the roof tops. Of course, she can call family and friends, post a Facebook update or Tweet about it, but the best way to announce an engagement is through elegant engagement announcements. These are not to be confused with save the date cards. Engagement announcements and save the date cards are similar in fashion yet serve two distinctly different purposes.


Engagement Announcements


Engagement announcements can be cards, photos, magnets and sometimes even poems that tell your family and friends in a formal way that you are now engaged. Engagement announcements can be mailed, published in a local publication or announced at an engagement party. The most common way is to mail out engagement announcements. Engagement announcements are similar to wedding invitations, but are much less intricate. If you're a future bride that is planning ahead and already have your wedding theme and colors picked out, your engagement announcements may match the theme of the invitations you plan to send out at a later date. Engagement announcements are generally sent out soon after a couple is engaged and may also be accompanied by engagement party invitations. A fun way to celebrate an engagement is to have an engagement party, big or small, with some of your closest family and friends. An engagement party is a way to share the story about your engagement, show off your sparkling engagement ring and spread the details of the upcoming big day. A couple may send engagement announcements and engagement party invitations out even prior to having a wedding date set since the purpose is simply to announce the formal union of the future bride and groom, not the impending day of the wedding.


Save the Date Cards


That is what save the date cards are for. Save the date cards are usually mailed out several months (sometimes even a year) prior to the actual wedding date. The purpose of save the date cards is to tell your family and friends the date and time you are planning to get married so that they can make sure to make themselves available that day. A save the date card is somewhat of an informal wedding invitation. It tells the recipient that you would like to have them at your wedding at a later date and may provide information on location, time and date. Since save the date cards are usually mailed out well into the stages of wedding planning, the cards tend to match the theme and colors of the wedding itself. Save the date cards also help in getting your guest list set ahead of time and saving a couple money on invitations and postage fees. If a guest receives a save the date card and knows they will not be able to attend, possibly because they are unavailable or cannot travel, the couple knows they don't have to send that guest a formal invitation since they have already confirmed they cannot attend.


When it comes to engagement announcements and save the date cards, it is essentially up to the couple if they want to send both or one or the other. Sending engagement announcements tends to be more of a formal announcement that is not always necessary and can be skipped if family and friends are all nearby. Save the date cards are more practical and more convenient in that they informally announce your engagement, albeit sometimes a little late, and help guests plan to attend a future wedding as well. In the end, it's all up to the bride and groom to decide!