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Rehearsal Dinner Traditions and Invitations

by 7. February 2013 04:08


            Rehearsal Dinner Traditions and Invitations




Rehearsal dinner parties are unique to North America. While the wedding rehearsal is a common custom in several countries around the globe, Americans rely on rehearsal dinner invitations to get together a select group of individuals before the big day. When should you plan to host your rehearsal dinner and whom should you invite?




What is the Proper Timing of Rehearsal Dinner Parties?


It is common to hold your rehearsal dinner the night before the actual wedding ceremony. In some cases, you may choose to hold the dinner on any evening on the week prior to the nuptials. The arrival of out-of-town guests and the general availability of your intended guests usually determine the date.




Who Receives Rehearsal Dinner Invitations?


The engaged couple hosts the dinner and therefore both are present. Parents of the bride and groom as well as close family members are at the top of the guest list. Out-of-town family members and close friends come next. Bridesmaids and groomsmen may also receive invitations to the rehearsal dinner. Many couples now also choose to include the officiant.




Who Pays for the Dinner?


Wedding etiquette experts point to the groom's family when it comes time to pay the bill. Although the costs of modern rehearsal dinner parties may be covered by either side of the family or even the couple, those who enjoy following tradition will customarily pass the expenses to the groom's father.




What is the Point of Having a Rehearsal Dinner?


The goal of the shared meal is to bring together both sides of the family at a social function. Sometimes this meal also allows the bride and groom to sample some of the foods that may be served at the reception. Since the rehearsal dinner is far more relaxed than the wedding reception, this is the time for the families to talk, get to know one another and begin to build relationships. This is particularly important if one family lives far away and is not usually available for social visits and holiday interactions.




Are There Fine Points to Remember when Sending out Rehearsal Dinner Invitations?


Visit for rehearsal dinner invitations that fit any family type and party guest list. The experts there can help with the proper wording, which is particularly critical when blending families and including former in-laws or relations to partake in the setup of the new family.




Conversely, some couples simply do not have a lot of extended family. In these cases, rehearsal dinner parties are perfect occasions to offer gratitude to all those who were involved in the wedding planning and organizing. Rehearsal dinner invitations for these types of dinner parties will vary greatly from the traditional meet-and-greet occasions previously discussed.