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Socially Yours has created custom invitations for over 23 years.Our unique designs have won International awards from the Greeting Card Assoc. Each custom invitation is designed with your wording and a free digital proof is provided for approval.

We think your custom invitations and announcements should be as individual as you are! Let Socially Yours create a one of a kind card for your special occasions!


First Holy Communion Invitations

by 19. January 2013 08:37


 Ordering Customized Beautiful First Holy Communion Invitations


First communion is a major crossing point for a boy or girl in the Catholic Church. Not only does it signal the beginning of the child's path toward adulthood in the Church, it also signifies the child's formal understanding of the seriousness of Communion and what the symbolism represents in terms of faith in God and Jesus Christ.


As a result, a first holy communion is a major family event and one to announce to relatives and friends in style. With appropriate invitations or announcements a first holy communion can be a cherished occasion and memory to keep forever.


Socially Yours has a beautiful collection of first holy communion invitations and announcements for girls and boys. Religious tones can be easily signified with beautiful, ornate chalices, doves and crosses as well as similar religious symbols. With the wide selection of choices available from Socially Yours, a family will have no problem finding an invitation design that helps memorialize a wonderful religious milestone of growth in the Catholic Church.


Socially Yours can also help with customizing invitations with special messaging as well as specific religious phrases and writing. Often times scripture, poems, or quotes enhance the cards. The invitations available help everyone understand what the event means in terms of receiving the holy sacrament and holy Baptism of the Church. It also helps show everyone that your child is now ready to understand the seriousness of the Lord's Supper and what the related symbolism means in terms of God's gift and life ever after.


Make your child's first communion memorable and lasting with proper invitations from Socially Yours.





Communion Tradition

by 8. January 2013 07:49


First Holy Communion Traditions


First Holy Communion refers to the Roman Catholic tradition of a person's first reception of the sacrament of the Eucharist. While the actual ceremony is often a solemn event with family members and friends, many families extend the experience to include First Holy Communion party celebrations following the ceremony.


A Festive Occasion for the Communion Boy or Girl


First Communion is traditionally a festive occasion the communion boy or girl and their families as evidenced by many First Communion traditions. Boys usually wear blue or white suits. Girls usually wear white satin or other light colored dresses for the occasion. A white veil or headdress is usually worn by the girls to symbolize purity. Throw in some fun, appropriate decorations, food and you have everything you need for a special reception or party to honor the communion boy or girl on their special day.


Preparing for the Communion Party


The communion party or reception usually takes place after the ceremony. During this time pictures are taken and family members gather to celebrate the occasion. There are no set-in-stone rules for a communion reception, but it is essentially a gathering of friends and family. This may include other friends or Sunday school classmates who participated in communion that same day. The focus is always on the boy or girl taking communion for the first time. The party can be simple with just family members gathering at home or a more lavish affair with friends and neighbors included on the guest list and held at a restaurant venue. Appropriate gifts to give the communion boy or girl typically include:

• Rosaries

• Holy Bible or prayer book

• Cross necklace or bracelet

• Religious medal

• Special card with money tucked inside or other special card to celebrate the day


Don't Forget the Invitations!


A First Holy Communion celebration isn't complete without invitations and/or announcements. The invitations can be specially tailored for a boy or girl celebrating the day they take communion for the first time. Invitations come in a variety of styles, from casual to more formal. Colors can be specially selected to match the decor of the party or simply be the communion boy or girl's favorite color. Invitations often include a special saying, prayer or scripture.




Socially Yours has a beautiful selection of First Holy Communion invitations for boys and girls.